07 January 2006

Felting desaster

The felted bag - well, what I thought would become a felted bag - now is a tiny "bowl". It shrunk shrunk shrunk, so it is way too small for a bag now. But, now I know better and will try a second time.

I found a few patterns for felted bags and I learned that you have to use a larger knitting needle for felting than you use for regular knitting. At least 2 sizes larger than given on the yarn. Well..... at least I learned this before I started with the Noro yarn. It arrived yesterday and I can´t wait to start, but have to buy needles first. So next week.....

Does anybody know where the japanese learned knitting? I think it is funny that they use the eropean sizes for knitting needles. Yes, there are different sizes and I found out that there are US sizes, Europe and UK sizes. Sometimes it is such a small world, but when it comes to the little things in life, problems you never thought of occur. But, thanks to the WWW it is easy to find charts for everything. Here is a chart for knitting and crocheting: Sue´s CrochetandKnitting

With this felting technique - I don´t know. It uses so much water to felt a small piece and I don´t feel too well with this technique. I think the Noro bag will be the last try on this technique and then I will try needle felting another bag with the Happylock.

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