08 January 2006

Some BAD news - some GOOD news

OK, now I´ve overcome the shock that we have to have our cellar "repaired".
All the cellar rooms are wet and there is mold in all corners. We had a guy here yesterday who told us that when the house had been built they didn´t to the isolation correctly so all walls that are beneath ground level are wet and soak in water from outside and give the humidity into the rooms. Fun - right?
So we need a new isolation in all 4 cellar rooms which will cost us - well let´s say the amount a new car would cost. You can imagine the joy we had hearing this???

So tomorrow in a week we´ll have a crew over here in our house and they will be working for 3 days and then we can start to dry the rooms which might take up to 6 months. BUT - and that is the part where the GOOD NEWS comes in - I´ll have a studio down there, wenn all is dry and that will be my place for sewing, painting, maybe dyeing, felting and whatnot. Isn´t that great? It will take a while, but I know it is going to happen before the end of this year and that makes me HAPPPPPPYYYY :-))))

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