04 January 2006

One finished, one new

I finally finished my Multidirectional Scarf. I started knitting again after 10 years of not touching knitting needles and this is the first attempt at the new Modular Knits technique from Iris Schreier. On her Website Artyarns you can see some of her designs and the book I have. It is great and now that I managed to finish one of the beginner projects I will try another one. But got to find some wool for it first. So maybe tomorrow I might go to a yarn-shop.

And here is the next project and a first for me, too. I will try to felt this knitted bag. It is a small one 10 x 7,5 or 20cm x 25cm and it is 100% wool. I read a few articles about felting a knitted piece and now I can´t wait to see how this wool will do in the washing machine. I also ordered some Noro Yarn for a bag I found on the internet and hope the wool will be here before the weekend.

Here´s a look at the inside of the bag. I sure hope this won´t come out of the washing machine as a big felted ball. *grin*

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