25 February 2011

Juicy Fruits feltcollage

Inspired by Jane LaFazio's beautiful felted collages I started this piece a few weeks ago and just decided it was finished now. I am not completely happy with it cause I think the background is too busy, but it is a starting point and the next one is already in the works.
I enjoyed the handstitching part as it is so easy to stitch on felt, even with real thick yarn.


iHanna said...

Oh, it's just perfect! Love your colour choices!

Diane Perin Hock said...

Ooh! Wonderful colors and shapes and that line of handstitching across is wonderful.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Karin. Just discovered your blog and I've enjoyed looking at all your lovely handwork. The canvas work is sumptuous--luxury pincushions!--and your stitching for Jude's class looks great. Really like your Phantasia--great colors and beautiful stitching. I also thought your experiments with mixing hand and machine stitching were very interesting. I've been doing some of that too. Usually the machine wins out for me, however. I like the colors in your felt piece. Interesting movement with that light yellow.
best from Tunisia,

Anonymous said...

too busy?! I think it's perfect.