25 August 2009

Healing Canvas / Words like knives

A few days ago my husband said something to me in an argument that really hurt me. I am not sure why this kept bugging me for days, but I felt I had to do something about it. Sometimes bad feelings stay with me for way too long and I know this makes things worse that - seen from a distant point - aren´t that important at all.
So instead of writing about my feelings in a journal I thougth I could do a little collage.
I created a background by writing all that came to mind with a graphite pen. I wrote and wrote til most of the writing was covered with words and those were covered with more words and so on. I then added collage elements and did a colourwash with acrylics. Finally I added more words to the collage. The words in the middle of the canvas are: "Worte wie Messer" which means in english "Words like knives".
The words around the woman in the left corner are Pain, Anger, Fear and some more.

While writing the background I started to feel better and better. Like a dark cloud over me was getting lighter and lighter and finally vanished.

This seems to be another good way to get in touch with my inner feelings. What do you do to get in touch with your inner feelings?


Lau Milesi said...

Hi Karin!! I can imagine what are you feeling.It's a good way to write.It's relax. Try to walk,work out or something about.
To get in touch with my inner feelings I find myself in silence and write too.
Take care of you.
A big hug from Brazil

Scrappy Cat said...

This is a wonderful canvas, and what a good way to let go of your hurt and anger. I tend to write in my journal when something is really bothering me.

And thanks for your comment on my blog.