23 August 2009

Finally - a finished piece in faux encaustic

Oh my, this was a nightmare. Really! I was not able to find the workable fixative necessary for the faux encaustic workshop anywhere in this big city of Berlin! Sometimes I really wish I would live in the USA! I´ve been to so many craft and art supply stores and none of them carried this fixative. Finally, after weeks I found one by Lascaux, a swiss brand, in a shop that just had opened up.
Now on my way I ruined one canvas cause I tried a fixative that would "definitely work", as the lady in the shop told me. Well, it didn´t and all got smeared!
The next canvas was ruined as I tried a mixture of Golden GAC 500 and Golden Airbrush Extender Medium. This mixture works pretty well as a fixative, but the spray bottle I had produced big blobs instead of a nice even coating. So part of the canvas was sealed, part wasn´t. So I got parts that were smeared, too.
Third canvas got ugly somehow and so I only finished one canvas. As you can see it is a different one from the first set. Don´t ask! This whole project almost drove me crazy, because of thousands of problems arising on the way.
BUT, the workshop itself is very very good and I highly recommend it if you would like to learn this technique. Jodi created wonderful videos and it was easy to follow them. But if you don´t live in the US, make sure you find all the stuff you need before starting the workshop...

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Sequana said...

Your persistence paid off - it's a beautiful piece. *S* But those kinds of setbacks can really drive you crazy, huh?

This is why I shop online - I can tell right away if something is gonna be hard to find, like a metal fabric I thot I'd like to use.