29 July 2009

Faux Encaustic Workshop start

I joined a Faux Encaustic Workshop by Jodi Ohl at Creative Workshops and just finished my work for today. It is a gorgeous workshop and worth every cent. Jodi did wonderful videos and also a pdf file to read it all while working on the pieces. I enjoyed doing the first stages of my collages, but am really not sure where this will take me. But the finished pieces from other classmates look so wonderful, I think I have a chance mine will be OK in the end. Right now they look a bit like a pile of paper scraps with no direction...

Stage 1
Stage 2

I now have to wait til tomorrow cause all needs to dry. Then it will get exciting cause the canvases will be covered partly with Gesso and then there will be acrylic paints and more and more... Sounds like fun, right?

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