12 February 2009

OWOH - Winner !!!

Here we are - it´s February 12 and I just did the random drawing for my little giveaway (see post of January 22).

Drummmmmmrrrrrolllllll pleeeassssse......

THE WINNER IS YVONNE from the Netherlands


Congratulations Yvonne. Hope you will enjoy the bracelet.

This OWOH project was soooo much fun. I hope it will happen again next year. Thanks so much Lisa for organizing all this. I can´t even imagin how much time it took to make all this happen.

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Yitte said...

Hi Karin,

I love to be the winner of your bracelet. I think the OWOH event is so much fun and such a brilliant idea to meet all the creativ bloggers in this world. I already look forward to the next year. Thank you for your beautiful giveaway.....umict