24 January 2009

Poly Clay - a start into a new world of fun

Now that I´ve been away from blogging for such a long time I have to get used to it again. I spent most of last week looking at other people´s blogs and finding out new tricks on blogger. Looks like they have been busy and so far I like what I see.

I´ve been playing around with poly clay for a while now, but mostly spent time on preparing the clay. It is hard work if you start from zero cause all the blocks have to be softened before you can start working. Here are a few pieces I did.
They haven´t been cured yet, cause I wanted to wait til I have a few more to cure for the first batch. I especially like those pillow beads. Many clay artists create those beads and I am always in awe when seeing the pictures.

I also love lentil shaped beads but haven´t had a try on them yet. But I bought 2 sets of those lentil beads on etsy from The fanciful feline. Her work is so beautiful and I hope the beads will arrive soon.
Aren´t they just beautiful?

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Merry said...

These are lovely...especially those rainbow ones.