12 February 2008

Blackberry hearts and postcard

Just finished this little bracelet inspired by a tutorial in a magazine (can´t remember if it was Beadwork or Beadworker´s guild, sorry). Those should be hearts, but when I showed it to dh he spontaniously said "Oh, blackberries!". And I think he is right. They look a lot more like blackberries than hearts.
And this is a postcard I made for a member of my online group for her birthday. The photo is real bad. The card looks better in real (I promise) cause the round shaped flowers are a lot more 3D than it is visible here. I found this "technique" in an old magazine "Stitch".


StegArt said...

Oh how that postcard screams "spring". Lovely!

homemakerkate said...

love what you are doing. I have lived in Deutchland also. hugs

Pepi said...

Hello. this is the first time I visit your blog. I was looking for a german blog just to see if you could help me. I am looking for some information about the patchwork fair in Bisbaden at the end of October. Do you know anywhere in the web with information about this?. I have tried but could not find something. Thanks for your assistance. Regards from Spain.

Twila Grace said...

It's beautiful. Lucky the person receiving it.

Jennifer said...

A field of poppies - how cheerful. I can't believe you stitched that. You're good!