08 September 2007

Some beading

Haven´t been working with textiles lately but did some beading. So here are a few pics:
This is a little fishie I did. On one of the yahoo groups I´m on they did a fish swap and I just gave it a try.
This is the starting point of a beadalong doll I am doing on another beading group. The colours should be mostly orange and one accent colour. I chose purple as an accent.
This is the progress so far. I did a lot more beading but undid it twice. But now I think (and hope) I know how to go on.


Carol said...

Beautiful beading I love it.

sammyjo said...

grovy the fish is so cool

Sheri said...

Very pretty,love the color choice

Jo Anne Owens said...

Hi Karin!

I just found your blog and thought I would just say Hello! How did your orange challenge doll come out? I am still working on mine and will post update photos on my blog soon!

Smiles! Jo Anne