15 January 2007

Pain for TT

The burning flame inside of me. Looks way to realistic to me, but it felt good to do it. It felt as some of my anger about my situation was stitched into it and I feel a bit better now.
It is black velvet, that I first handstitched with variegated thread. Then I cut into the velvet and layered it onto yellow felt, which now is visible through the cuts. Then I stitched onto it with the machine. It is 18cm x 13cm.


Dianne said...

This is fantastic!! Love the stitching, and also how the yellow felt peaks through.

Sue B said...

Wonderful! the dabs of yellow really give it life. It absolutely looks like a flame to me.

ElizabethD said...

gorgeous! i came to look at your TAST sample but couldn't take my eyes off this piece. it's riveting.