13 January 2007

Just another challenge on my list

Oh my, I joined another challenge. It´s about working with the embellisher and the details and some pictures and links can be seen on this blog
I know I must be crazy, doing all those challenges on a more or less weekly basis, but it really helps me to be creative. The last few months of 2006 have been so slow and non-creative, I just need something or somebody to get me going again.

So I hope I will be able to create pieces for all these challenges in 2007:
- Needlefeltchallenge (every friday)
- Take a stitch tuesday (every tuesday)
- Textile Tuesday (every tuesday)

I would love to join the Fast Friday Challenge, too, but I don´t think I will be able to create a quilt in such a short time. Well, I might be able, but I think doing a Journal Quilt each month is enough for this year. But looking at all these gorgeous quilts is a great source of inspiration. If you never heart of the Fast Friday Challenge, make sure to take a look or two.

I also decided to see 2007 as a year of experimentation. I don´t plan to do a large quilt or embroidered piece, but focus on small pieces, quilts, sampler, maybe some postcards and art dolls. I will try to experiment with as many materials and techniques as possible, not looking for a perfect finished piece but trying to learn by doing. Wish me luck, this will work out.

There is another little project I joined with our small german online group Texies. It is about a story by Michael Ende. It is a novel fragment and the title is "Der Niemandsgarten" (should translate to something like "NobodysGarden"). All participants are going to create one (or more) pieces inspired by this text. I just started reading but already have 3 different ideas in my head. If you know Michael Ende (and I´m sure you do - "Neverending story" - remember?) than I´m sure you understand why so many images appear after reading only a few pages. I think I will do a series, maybe one for each chapter or something like that. So those pieces might become a little booklet - not sure yet, but I think this would be perfect for this project.

OK, enough about things to come.
No, wait a second, am planning another project. I read about Nalbinding somewhere on the web, can´t recall the site right now, and was hooked. Have you ever heart about Nalbinding? It is also called One Needle Knitting, cause it is a technique to create wearable pieces like socks or hats. But it can also be used for doing Rugs. They are called Toothbrush-Rugs because you "knit" with a slightly modified wooden or plastic toothbrush. Now I can see you are curious, right?
Here is a tutorial from the Carol Duvall-Show. You can use up some of the quilt fabric stash, especially those pieces you never stop to wonder why on earth you bought them.
And believe me, I have tons of them. So it will be a colourful Rug....

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