16 November 2006

TT Woman

yarn, organza, machine quilting 17cm x 13cm

I liked the "fabric" I created last week for the brain piece. It is very easy and in real looks quite interesting. This time I didn´t use a water solvy but a piece of orange organza. Then I did some free machine quilting and tucked the outer areas under, so it looks now like an oval. I think I will mount it somehow later on.
I tried to add some beads and knots, but I used a batik as base fabric and now it is so tight, I am not able to get the needle through. Maybe I´ll try adding some beads or sequins with the machine, but I never did that before, so am not sure yet.

Today we got a new diagnosis for Daisy. One part in me is relieved, cause we finally know what is going on, the other part is all down, cause now she needs tons of medication. The doc explained it to me but with all those latin phrases I got lost. All I remember is that there are 2 different bacteria in her intestines and to get rid of them we need penicillin and some other pills. Good thing is, the chance the medicine will cure them is quite high, bad thing is that Daisy´s liver might not be able to cope with all this chemistry. So worst case would be that her liver fails to work one day soon.
So I still feel lost and helpless and all I can do now is hope Daisy is strong enough to make it. She seems to be feeling so good these days, that it is hard to believe that she is that sick. But that´s always been this way with her. That is one of her "problems". She has absolutely no feeling for her own body. She got stung by a bee once and didn´t react to it at all. When Joker got stung he whined and jammered all day. Right now I think it might be a good thing, she feels this way. So she is able to be active and happy. But the risk that I won´t notice soon enough when a new problem arises is very high. But I´ll try to be positive and maybe this will help a bit.

Oh, and maybe you noticed, I changed to beta blogger now. I "lost" the title pic and don´t remember how I did it, but it´s OK this way right now. The other features are great and finally I am able to use tags on all posts.

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Deb H said...

I hope Daisey gets well.

I switched to Beta too, but I had printed out a copy of my template prior to switching so I was able to figure out what was different on the template, & was able to put the title picture back in.I might be able to figure it out for you, & email how. E-mail me if you'd like to try.