01 July 2006

Still nothing to post...

... but I thought I would let you all know I´m still here and alive ;-)

My health problems still keep me from working with fabric and thread. I hate hate hate that situation!

My shoulder seems to be getting a bit better. The tooth which might have caused part of the problem is being treated now and another tooth will be removed tuesday. Although I´m afraid of dentists right now I like going to them because they might help me get rid of this constant pain on the left side of my head and the left shoulder/arm.

To make things worse yesterday a horsefly bit me into the left arm. I am not really allergic to horseflies, but the reaction is a large hot swollen area and some more pain. Arrrgggghhhhhh !!!! Life loves me, don´t you think so? ;-)

Well, I´m still optimistic but I hate sitting here doing nothing. I worked on a small art doll for a Round Robin, but as we agreed not to show photos before the dolls go home again to their creator there is definitely nothing here to show today.

OK, enough of jammering and whining. I´ll be back soon (I hope so) and as I have tons of ideas for new projects I might be uploading tons of photos ....


Deb H said...

It's such a bummer to feel too bad to quilt. What a waste of time being sick is! Maybe you could sketch,& color plans?
I wonder if a meat tenderizer paste applied to a horsefly bite when it 1st happens would've helped. I know it neutralizes the protiens in a bee sting. Too late now, but maybe you could try it if you get bit again.
A dose of Benedryl (Dyphenihydramine) might help the histamine reaction now though. Good luck.

Beate said...

Gute Besserung wünsche ich dir von Herzen

Nicky said...

Hope you feel better soon.

marion said...

hope you feel better soon
Alles gutes