26 July 2006

Dreams DO come true

And here it is - my new Janome 6600. Tadaaaaahhhhh.......
It arrived here last week and I had the chance to work on it for a few hours so far. It is quite different from the Pfaff I have, but I am getting used to it and I LOVE it!
There is so much new to try and learn, it is almost impossible just to sit down and only sew *LOL*
In the beginning I had some problems with the tension of the upper thread, but I think every machine has her own way of reacting to different threads. I am more than happy that now I am able to use all those Madeira Rayon threads I bought years ago. My Pfaff simply hated them and shredded them, no matter what I tried. The Janome so far took all threads I tried very well and even the metallics are easy to work with. I haven´t changed the needle, even with the metallic threads. It is like a miracle compared to the Pfaff handling.

And this is what started out as a little test-piece and now becomes a piece with meaning to me. It is a Batik I bought a while back. I started with free motion quilting, just to get a feeling for the machine, but than it started to get a life of it´s own.
The red areas are satin stitched and it is a pleasure to work with the speed regulator. Doing the satin stitching with the darning food is what I never was able to do well on my Pfaff.

I am going to name this piece "Intruders" because to me the Batik dots look like DNA or something like cells. As my dog was very ill for the last 2 weeks and the vet didn´t know at all what was going on, I feel that the red areas are those intruders who caused my dog`s health problems. The dog is almost fine again, as we now found out it was an allergic reaction to who know´s what. She is still very week, but getting better every day.
The Batik piece is only 26cm x 20cm (6x8 inches), so I will have to think about a way of framing it. But first I will have to finish the free motion quilting and then the satin stitching. Unfortunately I am still not able to work on the machine for hours, so it might take a while. But I am back and hope as soon as the temperatures will drop a bit, I will be able to stitch away like before.


Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

You are so lucky, lovely machine and fantastic batik work. Good to see you are able to stitch again.Sorry your dog has been ynwell, hope all is well again soon. Best wishes

Maggie H.

emmyschoonbeek said...

love to see you again sorry about your dog , hope he gets better soon ,I love the batik very nice and hope you have lots of fun whit the machine

quiltkunstquilt said...

Liebe Karin,

wie schön, dass es dir besser geht und deinem Hund auch.
Jetzt hast du dir deinen Janome-Traum erfüllt, super!!!
Bin gespannt, wie dein Batik-teil sich entwickelt.Halte uns bitte auf dem Laufenden...Sieht schon sehr gut aus.

jackie said...

The machine looks great,especially the extension table. I am just refinding the joys of my Pfaff embroidery unit, having not used it for years. It going well, I think I may have more patience these days.

yarnahoy said...

Great machine!
Did the tray/extension come with it? It looks so convenient. I'd love to get my hands on a tray like that for my mom who actually stopped using her machine because she hates the unweildy tray it has.