05 May 2006

New Book

Thanks to Francoise I ordered the book "Creative Embroidery" by Beaney & Littlejohn. It arrived today and what I have seen so far is exactly what I was looking for. It´s not only about stitches and embroidery but also about finding an image and transforming it into an embroidery design.
I like the other publications by Beaney and Littlejohn, but what kept me from buying them all is that in most of their books you only see details of a project. You never see what they do with an embroidered piece. I need the hole piece, to get an idea, not only a detail view. Not sure if I make myself clear here, sorry.

A few days ago I talked about digging out my old camera and taking some test-shots. Tuesday I took the film to a small photo shop for processing, cause I usually try to support the local small businesses. Today, 3 days later, I wanted to pick up the CD I ordered and gues what I found? A closed shop. Empty. And a handwritten sign on the door, that customers can pick up their photos in their other store in Potsdam. Potsdam is 30 minutes by car from my place. I´m sure you can imagine my outrage.
But, and here is the part were it is getting funny - I won´t pick up those photos, cause all I am losing are those test-shots. Nothing of value, but they already payed for processing the film and making the CD. HA - don´t try to mess with me! *grin*
So today I used up another film and will have it processed in a large super market. I´m sure this one won´t be closed by tuesday.....

Nothing creative today, as I spent most of the day in the garden. It was so wonderful outside and I only thought about the quilting design for my "Meditation" quilt. It´s almost decided now how it will look like.

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