03 August 2010

Colour combinations

After stitching the first 3 squares for my 15 sided biscornu pincushion I felt that the colours don´t work too well with each other. So I did 2 more and am now trying to find the combination I like most. I definitely want to use the threads used in #5. They are so juicy and vibrant and I have 7 or 8 different kinds of threads in the same colour range. Now what to use as the contrasting colour? I like the greenish one in #2 and the pink-orange one in #3. Both are from the Caron Collection which is one of my favourite brands for embroidery threads. What do you think?

Funny thing is when you look at all of them, do you feel that the left one in the first row looks bigger than the other ones? It´s exactly the same size but no matter how often I look at it I have the same funny feeling something is wrong.

I signed up for Alma Stoller's class for her gorgeous fabric beads and I can´t wait for it to start on August 9. I love those colourful beads and already have dozens of ideas how to use these. Thinking mostly of jewelry right now but hope to incorporate them in some future quilts, too.

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