28 December 2009

Inside 1

Inside 1
Lutradur, Silk Hanky, machine embroidery, cotton, stretched onto canvas frame, 30cm x 30cm / 12" x 12"

This piece started out months ago as an experiment. I attached a silk hanky to a lutradur background with gel medium. I thought it might give a nice silk paper. First I didn´t like it too much as it was stiff and very flat, but then I thought the colours were so lovely, I should try to work on it some more. So I started painting the yellow lines with acrylics onto the silk and added the red dots, all inspired by a magazine picture. I don´t recall exactly what this picture was showing, but I guess it was something with bloodlines.
Then I machine embroidered onto the painted lines and dots and it was a pleasure to do this on the lutradur. The gel medium made it all very stiff which was perfect cause I didnt need a frame to prevent it from puckering. It was so easy to machine embroider on it.
When the stitching was all done I wasn´t sure how to finish the piece. I added the red borders (cotton) and thought I would make a quilt sandwich, but it somehow didn´t feel right. So I tried to put it on a stretched canvas and I liked it much better.

Inside 1 / Detail

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arlee said...

WOW!! the texture is amazing looking---love it!