30 December 2009

Doodle Book

Finally I managed to make this book look a bit more fun. I started doodling in this book a while back and always wanted to create a colourful cover. Now this is inspired by Tracy Bautista´s book "Collage Unleashed". There are so many fun ideas in it how to make your own papers and she even incorporates fabric in her work.
Background is painted with gesso and acrylics, then I drew those doodles on it with a pit pen and the "Doodle"-writing is on a scrap piece of linen. All attached to each other with gel medium.

Fiber Arts/Mixed Media announced a january challenge I can´t resist.
>>>> Pick one of your ugly, or plain, or "why did I ever buy that" commercial fabrics, and enhance it with fabric paint so that you end up liking it! Paint over it completely, outline or color in the shapes, give it an all-over tint, etc. <<<<  

Does that sound like fun or what? Oh my, another monthly challenge for 2010...

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