24 December 2009

Acrylics Zen1

Zen 1
Acrylics on paper 30cm x 42cm / 12"x16"

Something I am hoping to get to do more often is painting with acrylics. I like the japanese style of being very minimalistic and hope to find my own style by creating simple pieces without too much planning and thinking.
What looks like a mirror in the upper right corner is silver acrylics paint. It was a first try and it is funny to work with cause it has a strange consistency.


Fannie said...

Hi, Karin. I love Zen 1. I, too, enjoy simplistic art and Japanese style art. You're doing great. Keep going.

Merry Christmas and continued health and success to you and yours in the coming year.

The Beaded Life said...

I love these! You are very creative. lisa owens-hoy

Robin said...

I LOVE this painting!!!!!!!!! I like the minimalistic approach too, but am not so successful with it as you. I'm saving this picture in my "favorite artwork" file! Your January BJP piece is also very Zen. Bravo!

Robin A.