25 September 2009

My first Glued Collage

A few days ago I found Ellen Lindner´s Blog and was hooked. I was experimenting with fabric paper, silk paper and some other ideas but wasn´t happy with all the experiments. I knew I wanted to do some sort of fabric collage, but had no idea how to approach it.
Then there was Ellen´s work and I knew that was exactly what I was looking for. Her glued collages are gorgeous! Although Ellen is preparing an online workshop for her technique, I had to try it right away. I definitely will be the first to enroll to her class as soon as she announces it, but I am not the patient kind ;-)

So, with the help of a vidcast on Bonnie McCaffery`s site I started my first glued collage, inspired by Ellen´s wonderful work.

I thought I would chose an easy stillife, but had to learn the hard way that it wasn´t easy at all.
This is my first try on Pear and Grapes
I wanted to make sure one sees the light coming from top left. But I think it rather looks like somebody had gotten a bite of the pear while I wasn´t looking, right?

So, I cut some more pieces of fabric and added, added, added and although the upper left corner lacks something to balance the piece, I am almost happy with it:

The fabric is glued to a stretched canvas and what I really love is that you are able to rearrange things while the glue is still wet. You can also add more layers if somebody comes in and eats part of your fruits ;-)

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quiltkunstquilt said...

Das ist gut geworden!ich war auch schon auf dem blog von Ellen Lindner und mir gefallen ihre Arbeiten auch sehr gut.
Liebe Grüße,