04 September 2009

First try on fabric paper

This is my first try on fabric paper. It is a huge piece and is now hanging in the bathroom to dry.
The lower part is a mix of handprinted Washi papers that I brought with me from Japan 15 years ago. I brought tons of this lovely paper and never really used it because it was just too beautiful to cut. Now I think it is time to use it and let go of some.

Upper part is some fiber paper. I think that will get a colourwash as soon as it is dry.
The two pieces in the middle were just fillers, because it took me almost 2 hours to get all this done. I chose a way too large piece of fabric to start with. Now I know better and next time it will be the size of a fat quarter max.
I like this technique and it is a great way of using up fabric that I don´t like anymore. If it is a print you can use the backside and if it is a batik you can always try and work with the given design.
There is more to come, cause I have lots of ideas in my head for this kind of paper.

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Sandy said...

It's much nicer than the piece I did. Isn't it fun to experiment?