15 July 2007

First free form peyote stitch bracelet

Finished my first free form peyote stitch bracelet today. It was easier than I thought. The idea for it came from a pattern in "Bead and Button" magazine. Broke 3 needles while working on it, but think the needles were not the best quality available. I just ordered some beads and needles and nymo thread in the US, so will hopefully be able to start another bracelet in a week or so. I do have some other beading needles, but the are even worth. They are way too thick for peyote stitch. Maybe I´ll try something on a beading loom tomorrow. Am already working on a design for a bracelet or/and earrings.

I´m still working on those crochet circles. It´s way too hot to think about doing a shawl now. But each day a few more go into the box and maybe in a few weeks I will start sewing them all together.

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beadexplorer said...

The first needles I bought used to break again and again, too! Annoying.