06 June 2007

Free form crochet - first steps

Today I´ll show you the first few pieces for my free form crochet project. It will become - yes, a bag. These are some round forms and I hope to finish at least 20 more soon. They will then be sewn together and hopefully look like a bag ;-)
I´m still a total beginner, so the forms almost all look the same. I especially like the 3 bullions in the middle. I still have to find out what yarn is best for this sort of crochet project. Luckily I found Camanomade´s blog a few weeks ago. She has some great tips and tricks there for the crochet beginner.
Oh, and today I found Mitsuko´s wonderful blog. You have to take a look at her free form crochet. Absolutely gorgeous! I´ve never seen anything like this before.


Hilary Metcalf said...

Hi Karin

Welcome to the world of scrumbling - fun, isn't it. I must say if those bullions were your first attempt, you are a natural - it has taken me ages to get mine to look half as good! Have you visited Prudence Mapstones website, Knot Just Knitting? well worth a look. Cheers

Dianne said...

These are looking great!! I'm just learning to crochet too - give me knitting needles anyday.

Laurie Wheeler said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog! I will be putting up more hints, and I will focus a little more on stitches and yarn choices for crochet, because of your post :)

Keep up the great work! You have a lovely hand!