10 January 2007

My first time in Japan for TT

Not happy with this one, but I don´t think there is a way to improve it. So I´ll leave it at that and maybe try a new one later.
I printed some photos on cotton, cut out some of my treasured Washi paper from Japan (hand printed and soooooo beautiful in real) and layered them on another piece of Washi.
The image of Mount Fuji in the lower left is a little woodblock print (Ukiyo-E) I did in a course in Yokohama. The Buddha statue is the most beautiful Buddha I´ve ever seen. I think it is the largest sitting Buddha outdoors, but am not 100% sure. He is in a beautiful town at the seaside called Kamakura. Fortunately Kamakura isn´t too far from Yokohama (where we lived), so we´ve been there quite often and enjoyed the many historical sites there and the shrines and temples.

It was my first time living abroad and also the first time living in Asia. It was the most interesting, frightening and difficult time in my life. But it was very hard to leave. I hope that one day we will be able to return to this country, maybe only for a vacation, but maybe for a little longer. Who knows what the future brings?

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Sue B said...

I like this piece. It's a nice combination of colors and shapes and I like the layout.