21 December 2006

Plans for 2007

As some of you might have noticed, I haven´t been very creative lately. This is partly because I am still having back problems. Long story, boring story, so I won´t tell you more about it. ;-)

But, I decided to try to be more creative again, trying to get myself motivated no matter if there is back pain or not, and this means I "signed up" for 3 projects.

1. Textile Tuesday (well, no need to sign up here, but I will try harder to create a piece each coming week til the end of 2007)
2. Take a stitch Tuesday (this sounds like a lot of fun. Always wanted to do more handstitching and this is a perfect way to learn and see what others do)
3. Journal Quilts (did some JQ´s in 2005 and would like to accomplish a full series of 12 in 2007. Not sure if I will chose a theme for all of them or decide each month)

Sounds like a lot of things, right? Well, to make sure I won´t have time to rethink it I also will start anew with my City and Guilds course. So be prepared to have a lot of stuff coming up here next year.

I am still working on the peyote stitch beaded bracelet. Beading is such a slow process, but it looks promising so far. Not much to show yet, as I only do lots of tiny squares and rectangles. But it´s in the work.....

Oh my, blogger changed from beta to "new" and this post is driving me crazy already. I am writing it the third time now, as it is not taking the different colours and fonts. Hope this time it will work and sure hope blogger "new" will soon improve to be as reliable as blogger beta has been so far.


Beate said...

Du bist aber ziemlic früh mit deinen Plänen für das kommende Jahr, oder?

Witchypoos said...

Ich wünsche Ihnen frohe Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr
(Hope that right ... can you tell my german isn't great !)

Gee lots of new projects planned. I hope your back gets sorted.
Looking forward to seeing lots of wonderful pieces of work.

I too am having fun with Blogger.

emmyschoonbeek said...

merry Xmas and a very happy new year