12 December 2006

Late late late

I´m being late on everything. Not sure why, but looks like I don´t get anything done in time, sigh. But, and it is a huge but, I feel like it is getting better. I just finished a postcard for a swap I joined and that means I don´t have any projects with a deadline for this month left - Yeahhhh!
Can´t show a photo right now, as I will have to wait till it arrived at his new home.

Yesterday I picked up a book I ordered some weeks ago and had to start beading the minute I finished to thumb through it. If you like beaded stuff and want to learn peyote stitch, this is a must have. Here is the info from Amazon on this book.
I think I will start with a little bracelet, cause that is one of the smaller projects. I would love to do a bowl later, but am afraid to start with it right away. Let´s see how the bracelet will come out and then maybe go on to the larger project.

I also decided to do Journal quilts again in 2007. I have so much fun doing the Textile Tuesday pieces and I can see how those small projects keep me active, even if I am not able to create a larger piece. Not sure about the size yet, but I think I will stick to the A4 size most people do. I´ll try to do a new technique each month, so it might not be about the things that are going to happen in my life but the techniques I would like to learn. I have so much stuff lying around which I never used and maybe the JQ´s will help to get me started on some of it.

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