02 September 2006

Cut it up...

... and took a new turn...I removed the red grid I had sewn on the felted part before. I think it´s much better this way. And I cut it up and - well you can see it yourself.
In daylight the both oranges are exactly the same. The flash changes the felt into a brighter orange than it is in reality. So the photo gives a wrong impression. Will try another photo tomorrow outside, but it is dark already.
Will add some FME tomorrow.
Got a new book today. "Creative Quilts" by Sandra Meech. I love her work and already own her book "Contemporary Quilts". So, time to sit down and read and drool over the wonderful pictures of her and other artists work.


Beate said...

einen interessanten Weg schlägst du hier ein, bin gespannt wo es hin gehen wird -doch für mich scheint er genau richtig zu sein.

Kim said...

Karin - I like this as a triptych, makes the piece more dynamic. Looking forward to what's next.