21 May 2006

"Lazy" and some old stuff

I´ve been a bit lazy lately. Well, not really, but didn´t do much sewing/quilting.
I decided to leave the "Meditation" wallhanging unquilted. I finished it with a fused backing fabric and like the flat look. I don´t know if I will keep it like that or one day quilt it, but right now I like it the way it is now. I think that the quilting would have been "too much". Meditation means to go back to basics, to concentrate on the simple things.

Maybe part of the decision came from thinking about Japan. Francoise had some japanese quilts and some photos from Japan on her blog and that reminded me of the simple things the japanese love. They also love very richly embroidered fabrics, especially in their kimonos, but eg Ikebana in it´s traditional form is so simple, yet so beautiful. Difficult to explain...

I took a photo from the little "door quilt" I did one or two years ago. It is hanging in our bedroom door.
I often have a problem with adding to a piece in progress. When I did Altered Books I often stopped adding things to a collage, although it still looked "empty". But I like the open spaces cause they leave room for your own thoughts. Then, sometimes I ask myself if it is simply laziness, that keeps me from adding more to a work in progress?
Guess I still have to find my own "style" or simply have to accept that my way of doing things is sometimes a bit different....

These are some of the Altered Book pages I did some years ago. Empty? Interesting? Boring?


teri springer said...

I love the book!!!


Elizabeth said...

They were perfect, Karin. I always liked your style in Altered Books.