14 April 2006

Some photos today

As I promised, here are the photos of the piece I am working on right now. Maybe you recall this piece from the Africa Challenge piece some months ago. I added some quilting lines and now I am working on the border part.
I love the colors although I usually don´t like brown. Here it gives the quilt sort of calmer areas as the blue and orange really pop out. And these are the design doodles I made yesterday morning. The one in the upper right is the basic idea for the next larger quilt (a wallhanging, maybe 120cm x 90cm / 50" x 35").
I like the idea of the tryptich in the lower right, but am not sure if it is doable with those angles in the lower part. I think it is worth a second thought sometime.
I found some yellow fabric for the tryptich´s back yesterday and will wash it later today (with the other pieces of fabric that begged me to buy them, too..... *grin*).

OK, back to reorganizing my work space, cause I don´t know where to put all the magazines that pile up everywhere.


Andrea said...

The blue quilt is really great! Reminds me of the Caribbean somehow, just what I need on a rainy day like today ;-)

Caitlin said...

Lovely work. i also have a HUUUUUUGE problem with magazines - I can't tear the "good bits" out, because i *know* that in a couple of months time I will look back and see entirely new good bit that I missed - arrgh! So the magazines pile up, and I do enjoy looking at them, but the house is small... let me know if you find a magic solution!