07 February 2006

New European Fiber Arts Blog-Ring

Wanna join?
Yes, I did it. I started a new Ring, well not exactly new as I started it last year as a ring for german quilters, but that didn´t work out. So here it is, a ring for european fiber artists. Everybody living in Europe is welcome to join. Would be very interesting to see many different countries represented, so if you live in Europe or you know somebody - here is the link to the European Fiber Arts Ring

No matter if you are new to blogging or if your blog already exists, we would love to read about your fiberous adventures.

So see you there........


kristin La Flamme said...

Oh Karin, you bad, bad woman. You have given me one more reason to sit at the computer instead of the sewing machine (LOL!) I'd love to join!

emmyschoonbeek said...

I think it is a great idea and I love to join