09 February 2006

More on Marriage Quiltlet

When I woke up this morning I looked at the Marriage Quiltlet Pattern again and grabbed 2 green pencils. Well, it is better than grey, but still not good.

But doing it with green made me see that the Color Wash itself isn´t working. I think no matter which color I chose, it will look like it doesn´t belong to the rest. Sooo, I decided to do it in Orange, too. This way it should look better (hopefully).
Thanks Madhatter for the suggestion of pink. I love pink, red, orange and purple as a combination, but I don´t feel the pink would go with the theme of marriage. Can´t explain why, but somehow a marriage doesn´t look pink to me *grin* (Hope DH won´t read this....)

And you mentioning pink and orange made me remember an UFO I should work on again. (Sorry for the bad quality of the photo. The quilt is too large for taking a good shot without a design wall)

I started it last summer but got stuck because I wanted to do "quilt as you go", but then I just went on sewing and now I have to quilt the top as one piece. Don´t like quilting those large pieces at all. But now I won´t put it aside again and start quilting when the tryptich (which I´m working on right now) is finished.

Oh, and the abstract challenge this marriage quilt is for is an online group at yahoo. It´s open to anybody interested and it´s a very interesting group of quilter from all over the world. You don´t have to do a quilt each month. It´s up to you to join in whenever you feel for it.

1 comment:

madhatter said...

maybe it depends on how long you´re married *grin*
mine is still pink. well, sometimes not very bright pink, but.....
your quilt will turn out very nice. i´d like to see photos of the making... ;)