01 January 2006

So here I am again. Have been away for a few months, cause I tried a german blog, but it didn´t turn out the way I thought, so I am back to blogging in english.
Here´s what I´m working on right now. I got myself a little present - a needle felting machine. It´s from the netherlands, but if I am not completely wrong it is the same as the Pierrot punching machine that is known in the USA and Australia.
Anyway, I love this machine and it is so easy to work with.
This is the first try. I dug out my box of threads and yarns and arranged them on a piece of cotton. Some of the yarns work very well, as they stay fluffy and 3D, others become flat after punching. Will have to try some more, to find the "right" ones for this technique.

Here´s a detail of the piece. I really love the look and already started adding golden beads and will add some more embellishing tomorrow.

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